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About AYSO United

Competitive Play with AYSO Philosophy

AYSO United New Mexico offers an alternative the other to Duke City clubs for accomplished AYSO players who want to increase their skills through play with and against more intense competition and for players from other clubs who want to play competitive soccer while enjoying the benefits of the AYSO Philosophies. AYSO United includes teams from U9 through U19 who play in the Duke City Soccer League against club teams as part of AYSO.

AYSO players are selected for the teams through tryouts. They practice twice a week like other AYSO teams, but they play against teams in the Duke City Metro League (teams from the Duke City Soccer League, Northwest Rio Grande, and other Club Teams). AYSO United teams also play in tournaments in town, throughout New Mexico, and out of state.

AYSO United Teams are registered with NMYSA (New Mexico Youth Soccer Association) and are members of Duke City Soccer League. So, AYSO United teams, coaches, and players have all of the advantages of being in a club and being an AYSO Team!

AYSO Philosophies

Everyone Plays
Players who are selected for the team get to play at least half of each game; we don't have "starters" and "benchers."
Balanced Teams
We strive to ensure the teams we field are competitive with the other club teams. We won't field a team that doesn't have a chance of being successful.
Open Registration
Players are selected for the teams based on objective analysis of their ability by AYSO Advanced Coaches.
Positive Coaching
AYSO United teams are coached by AYSO Advanced Coaches who adhere to our coaching philosophy.
Good Sportsmanship
AYSO United teams represent AYSO and practice and play exhibiting the same great sportsmanship you find in the other AYSO programs.
Player Development
AYSO United teams support our philosophy of Player Development by giving our most accomplished players a challenging environment in which to continue growing.

If you want to increase your level of play and you are a dedicated player, tryout for an AYSO United team. AYSO United teams are the most competitive level of play in the AYSO program. For more information, look at the list of teams and contact the AYSO United coach listed for your a team in your age group.